TBS Parent Pickup Note 
This form is for students who will be picked up at the end of the day and/or dropped off in the morning and will not ride the bus. (For absence or early dismissal, use the Absence/Early Dismissal form on the TBS homepage, send in a written note, or call the office.)
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List dates for multiple pick up dates, the name of a different person picking your child up OR the time you'll be picking your child up early. 
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1) After school dismissal begins at 2:45 pm (2) Vehicles must enter the parent pickup lot from the Old Farms Road direction - no left turn is allowed into or out of the pick up area during arrival and dismissal time. Please plan your time accordingly. (3) All families will be provided windshield pickup cards with student name/number to be displayed prominently when picking up. (4) If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up, the school office must be notified in advance by the parent/guardian.
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