Disciple-Making Coach Agreement
Attending a "How to Train" workshop allows you access to online resources, coaching clinics, Sonlife-led Israel study trips that all help resource you as you multiply your impact in your church and your local ministry network/denomination.
Please fill out the following form, to give us your contact information and ministry background. Thank you!
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I will watch the trainer video recordings and read the Training Guide. I will read the correlating book based on my certification (Walking as Jesus Walked or 4 Chair Discipling).
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1) I agree to teach the materials as trained and in the intended spirit of the seminar. 2) I will not copy or reproduce any training manuals or parts thereof, without written permission of Sonlife Ministries. 3) I agree that if I should be asked to make an overview presentation of any part of the material at conventions, camps, area meetings, etc., I shall acknowledge Sonlife as the source of the presented materials. 4) I agree to abide by Sonlife-specified distinctives for each seminar. 5) Presentation slides, training videos, and training resources remain the conceptual property of Sonlife. 6) I will conduct myself both publicly and privately in a manner worthy of a representative of Jesus Christ and Sonlife Ministries, and will relinquish my standing as a Disciple-Making Coach if I disqualify myself from ministry in any way.
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