RLAS-116 Education Foundation Grant Application
Grants will be awarded only to certified staff members of Round Lake Area Schools CUSD #116.

Educational programs and projects are funded through the District budget. Foundation grants are new, innovative programs designed to stimulate and inspire students beyond the excellent programs already funded by the District.

Staff considering submitting an application for a grant must review the proposal with the principal of their building. The principal reviews to make certain the request supports standards goals for the district, supports student achievement, and is not already funded in the school budget. The principal may also request additional information or clarification as needed. Once the principal approves, the applicant will check that this step is completed before electronically sending it to the district.

Once submitted, the application is received electronically at the District level. Depending on grade level, the application is then routed to either Beth Kiewicz, Director of Elementary Education or Dr. Kurt Rohlwing, Director of Secondary Education. If approved, applications will be forwarded to the Foundation Grant's Committee for consideration.

Submission Deadlines:

September 2019
September 13, 2019 (Staff Submission Date)
September 18, 2019 (District Approval Date)
September 23, 2019 (Foundation Approval Date)

December 2019
December 6, 2019 (Staff Submission Date)
December 11, 2019 (District Approval Date)
December 16, 2019 (Foundation Approval Date)

March 2020
March 6, 2020 (Staff Submission Date)
March 11, 2020 (District Approval Date)
March 16, 2020 (Foundation Approval Date)

- Stipends are not eligible for funding
- Field trips are not eligible for funding

If you have specific questions about grant requests, please contact Judy Armstrong at rlbjudy@aol.com or Heather Bennett at hbennett@rlas-116.org.
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