Star Wellness (SBIRT) Opt Out 2023-2024
Dear Parent /Guardian,

Tahoma School District is offering the STAR (formerly called SBIRT) Wellness Program at the secondary levels!  Tahoma School District, along with  many other neighboring school districts, have joined in partnership, over the last six years, with the King County Best Starts for Kids Grant, in implementing a school based version of SBIRT at the middle school and high-school level. Through STAR, students are given a survey to reflect on their goals and areas of need.  Students then meet with a Student Wellness Advocate to review their goals/needs and connect them to support.

The STAR (Survey, Talk, Acknowledge, Review)  Wellness Program uses the school-based SBIRT model as a framework. SBIRT stands for: “screening, brief intervention and referral to services''. The purpose of STAR Wellness is to connect with students, provide a space for student voice, and ensure they are connected with services or programs that will help them succeed. The goal is to build school connections, reduce adolescent substance use, promote mental health wellness, and connect students to school or outside resources if needed. The program begins with an online screening tool (survey), including questions that help students think about individual strengths as well as questions about mental health and substance use. The screener does not diagnose, nor is it an assessment.  The screener provides a snapshot of the students thoughts and feelings at that point in time and helps us to identify students who may need additional support. Student answers are confidential and kept secure.  Professionals associated with the grant may review the records, without identifying information, for research and data collection regarding the SBIRT process.

If your child’s answers indicate concerns, they will then meet with our Student Wellness Advocates or a school counselor and collaborative communication with caregivers will begin.    

EXCEPTION TO CONFIDENTIALITY PROTECTION: If your child talks about seriously harming themselves or someone else, or if school staff receive information that indicates a child is being or has been abused, we are required by Washington State Law to disclose this information to others in order to keep your child, and/or other persons at risk, safe.
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