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The applicant has applied for admission to our DTS, in YWAM Cáceres (Spain). We would appreciate it if you would supply the information requested on this form in order to aid us in evaluating the applicant’s suitability for admission. We will take your evaluation of this applicant and the information that you provide very seriously. Thanks you for helping us in this way.
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A YWAM student/participant must be able to accommodate himself readily to unaccustomed living conditions and new social situations. Adjustments have to be made concerning diet, social customs, work habits, climate changes, etc. Keeping the challenge of these unusual demands in mind, please rate the applicant by placing a check by the appropriate descriptions:
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to trying situations
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Ability to inspire others and maintain their confidence
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Ability to formulate, execute and carry plans to conclusion
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To the needs of others
Response to Authority *
How one responds when given instructions
Has the applicant ever been a source of dissension or disunity? If so, was it a one-time occurance or is it a continuing pattern? Please explain. *
Is he/she prejudiced against groups, races or nationalities? If so, please explain. *
Please comment on the applicant’s family background and present family life, if known. *
Describe any physical limitations the applicant may have. *
To your knowledge has the applicant ever had psychiatric treatment or any mental or emotional problems? If so, please explain. *
As far as you know, has the applicant ever been arrested for any offense other than minor traffic violations? If so, please explain. *
Has the applicant ever been involved in drug abuse, homosexuality, adultery, cults or the occult? If so, please explain. *
What do you see as the applicant’s strong points? *
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