Join a Losing Control Action Learning Set
From your feedback received during and after Losing Control 2019, there is significant interest among Losing Control networkers in setting up and running Losing Control Action Learning Sets (ALS)

ALS are a powerful process through which a diverse group of practitioners come together and through reflection, listening and questioning to work through issues, sharing ideas and challenging perceptions in a supportive environment. ALS are a structured method enabling small groups to address complicated issues by meeting regularly and working collectively.
They are most often used for issues concerning how specific action learning set members operate in the work context (e.g. issues related to Losing Control such as Power, Relationships, Collaboration)

The Losing Control core planning team (The Social Change Agency and Practical Governance) can arrange training for those interested in how to run an ALS, help with logistics and setting up the ALS with the idea that it will be organised and owned by the action learning set members themselves.The ALS will ideally be held virtually to avoid additional travel costs.

With that being said, we need your feedback and thoughts around:
1. Running ALS around regions (ie. based on the region you live in) OR
2. Running ALS around topics (ie specific issues around power for example) OR
3. If you would just simply like to meet up with Losing Control networkers that may live/work in a specific region to network and catch-up.

Leave us your thoughts below!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with

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We are always looking to expand the Losing Control Network. If you know of anyone in your networks that would be interested in joining an Losing Control ALS or the Losing Control Network, please forward this form or get in touch with karen@thesocialchangeagency. Sign up to join the Losing Control network is here:
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