Consensus: Basic Technologies for State of the Art in Neurosurgery
1. What is the main form of revenue of your primary working hospital? *
2. Is your primary working hospital equipped with the basic materials and equipment for the procedures you perform? *
3. Did you ever have to cancel a planned procedure due to lack of equipment or materials? *
4. Have you ever felt that a surgical complication was associated to a lack of material/equipment or malfunction of them? *
5. How many hospitals do you currently work in? *
6. Do you think the number of hospitals you currently work in influence the quality of care you provide for your patients? *
7. Does your primary working hospital have: *
8. Please rate the following topics according to their importance for the adequate development of neurosurgery *
Not important at all
Important, but not essential
High-resolution CT
1.5T MRI
Specialized scrub nurse
Specialized neurointensive care unit
Specialized anesthesiological care
High-resolution surgical microscope
Intraoperative MRI
Intraoperative ultrasound
High-speed drill
Skull Clamp
Radiotransparent operating table
Ultrasonic Aspirator
Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel
Fluorescence- based methods (5-ALA, ICG, Fluorescein)
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