FY19 Parent Survey for the Lee County School System Needs Assessment
Dear Parent,

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. We value your feedback as a parent, school partner and participant in our annual needs assessment process. The questions being asked will help us analyze the culture and climate of our school system. In addition, LCSS will also undergo an accreditation review next school year. Some of the questions are specific to teaching practices. The estimated time to complete the survey is between 5-10 minutes. If you have children attending more than one school, please complete the survey for each school. Thank you in advance for your responses! This survey will be open through March 29, 2018

Gender *
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Ethnicity *
Child's Grade in this School( If you have more than one child, please complete the survey again or as many times as needed for each child.) *
My child currently attends (please complete survey again for multiple children) *
My child participates in the following programs at this school. (Please select all that apply). *
1. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements. *
Strongly Agree
Neither Agree nor Disagree
Strongly Disagree
My school provides students with a well-rounded education, including access to an enriched curriculum and educational experience.
My school promotes a positive learning and work environment.
My school offers a clean and safe school environment.
My school ensures all students have access to appropriate supports and interventions for challenges that impact student achievement.
My school ensures school personnel are able to effectively connect students to appropriate academic supports and interventions.
My school supports equitable access to effective school teachers and leaders for all students including low-income and minority students.
I am aware of my school district's teacher, principal and other school leader recruiting efforts.
My school employs teachers and paraprofessionals who hold professional qualifications that correspond with their teaching assignments.
My school teachers are effective.
My school leaders are effective.
My school provides opportunities for professional development for teachers and school leaders.
My school experiences low teacher and school leader turnover.
My school prioritizes local, state, and federal funds in a way that is equitable, promotes student achievement and is fiscally responsible.
My school district actively seeks to engage external stakeholders.
My school actively and effectively communicates with external stakeholders.
My school provides educational opportunities using state of the art technology.
My school effectively prepares students for post-secondary opportunities.
2. Which four (4) of the following phrases best describe, in general, the kinds of things teachers in your child's school say to students? ( It may be helpful to discuss this question with your child prior to completing). *
3. Which four (4) of the following words or phrases best describes, in general, the kinds of things your child is most often DOING while at school?(It may be helpful to discuss this question with your child prior to completing.) *
4. Which four (4) of the following words best describe, in general, the interactions YOU have with staff at your child's school? *
5. What else about your child's school would you like for us to know?
Your answer
6. Please review the LCSS Mission Statement: The Lee County School System has a drive for excellence and a passion for distinction in providing challenging educational experiences for all students. As part of our annual review of the LCSS Mission Statement, we would like to know to what extent you agree with this being the mission statement of LCSS. *
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