Sakti Sadhana Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training
This application is an opportunity for us to explore, together, your intention for participating in this immersion and training, and to assess if this is the best possible training for you.
Full Name *
Pronouns and any identities I need to recognize and honor *
Email Address *
City & Country where you are currently a resident *
How long have you been practicing yoga? *
What initially drew you to yoga? Has your experience of yoga transformed in any way over the course of your practice? If so, how? *
Which "style" of yoga are you most familiar with/drawn to? Have you studied with a specific teacher for any length of time? If yes, who? *
What draws you to this style of yoga, this tradition, and myself as a teacher? *
Do you currently have a desire to teach or share yoga in some way, either formally or informally? Or will you be participating in the immersion and training more for personal gain? (Both are valuable, viable answers, I'm simply curious.) *
Are you prepared to make a ten month commitment to your practice, to yourself and to this community through Sakti Sadhana? *
Please share with me three goals you hope to achieve by participating in this immersion and training? *
Please share with me three obstacles you can foresee potentially challenging your commitment. (We all have them, seen and is important to articulate them so they are in our consciousness and therefor more easily transcended, rather than influencing os from the shadows in our mind,) *
Sakti Sadhana will be shared virtually, even after the restrictions from the pandemic are lifted. Are you comfortable with virtual learning technology (ie Zoom)? *
Sakti Sadhana will meet one weekend per month for ten months. Have you looked through the dates and are you prepared to clear your calendar to accommodate the training? *
Sakti Sadhana will meet one weekend per month for ten months. Have you looked through the dates and are you prepared to clear your calendar to accommodate the training? (If you wish to be certified to teach yoga, attendance or mandatory make-up work will be required.) *
In addition to our monthly gatherings, you will be given reading assignments, at home practices, teaching and observation requirements (for those who wish to be certified). Are you comfortable with this commitment? *
Do you have any unique conditions which I will need to be aware of in order to provide the best possible learning opportunity for you? *
The financial investment for Sakti Sadhana is $2500. The deposit for participation is $200. If paid in full, there is a savings of $300 (so the remaining $2000 will be due prior to our start date of January 28th). Another option is to pay $250/month for the ten months of the training. If opting for the monthly payment, I will ask for you to sign a contract, as you will be committed to the full training once it has begun. Are you comfortable with this arrangement? *
If you will are in need of financial assistance, please consider what level of financial commitment you are able to make (which reflects your strong commitment to the training) while not creating a situation of struggle in your personal life. Once you have reflected on these two factors, please communicate below what you are prepared to invest in this immersion and training. *Scholarships will be made available as much as possible - dependent on the number of participants enrolled and the overall financial commitment of the group. *
Is there anything else you wish me to know or understand regarding your desire to participate in Sakti Sadhana? *
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