2019 Regina Optimist Baseball Player Registration Form
Please fill out form and then click submit at bottom of form when finished. Please submit applications by end of April 2019
Name: first name, middle initial, last name
example (Adam R. Smith)
Your answer
City/Town, Address and Postal Code
example (Regina, 111 Smith St, A1A-1B1) ....and re-check to make sure correct
Your answer
Date of Birth
example (Jan 4, 1999)
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Your phone number where you can be reached
(re-check phone number to make sure correct) example (306-111-1111)
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e-mail address that is checked by you regularly
(re-check e-mail address to make sure it is correct)
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re-enter email address (email address that is checked by you regularily
(again, check that the e-mail address is correct)
Your answer
Position On Field
example (first base)
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Last Team Played With
example (Regina Dragons, 2017)
Your answer
Contact Norm, below, if you have further questions. And don't forget to click 'Submit' at bottom of form, after filling it out.
Norm Loehr
Regina Optimist Baseball Association


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