Operating Partner Interest Form
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Why do you want to help open a SodaRush? What is your ultimate goal outside financial gain?
What is it about SodaRush that made you choose this for your partnership business?
Where would you like to open a SodaRush?
Are you interested in helping us open / operate more than one location in that area?
Do you have the time to commit working IN the shop 20-30 hours a week? (more time outside the shops will be required for tasks such as scheduling, ordering etc.) Some of this can be delegated but we want our partner to be physically in the shops to ensure we maintain the personable environment and strict quality standards our awesome customers have come to expect!
Do you have the capital for an equity contribution of at least 50k dollars? (This is the minimum, and percentage of ownership / total contribution will be based a pro forma of the new store.)
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Do you have prior experience operating a business? Hiring and managing employees and day to day etc.
What else do you bring to the table that you think makes you the perfect partner for us to grow our business?
On a scale of 1-10 where are you on your excitement / confidence that SodaRush is exactly what you want to do?
just testing waters
So Ready, this is it!
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