Tracy Carroll's New Home Trivia
Being the first guest to answer all these questions correctly wins you a $5 Amazon gift card!
Read Tracy's word picture VERY carefully!

I've moved to a beautiful brick apartment building with grassy areas between the complexes perfect for Maddox to get exercise, potty, and fresh air! I climb up fourteen stairs to my own front door. When you first walk in, you'll see a rather small kitchen on the left with a sink, stove, refrigerator, cupboards, and no drawers. Looking to the right you view a good size living room where you'll hang your jacket in the coat closet and turn to look out a large picture window. Walking a few steps gets you to the bedroom with a huge closet. A few steps through the bedroom places you in the bathroom complete with the usual items but no drawers! The entire apartment features a light grey carpet and light cream, butter color walls. Thanks so much for coming to wish me well in this new living space!
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