Mustang Book Review
Thank you for reading a Mustang Must Reads book and providing your feedback. Keep your responses short, but detailed. Remember to use specific character names, places, and events when possible. Remember that you do NOT have to like a book to give a book review.
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2.) Book Title
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3.) Book Author
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4.) What genres does this book fit into? *genre means type or category of storytelling. (check any box that applies)
5.) Give a brief summary of the book. Be detailed, but don't give away any big spoilers.
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6.) Content Evaluation: Respond on a scale of 1 (very little) to 5 (A LOT) for the following topics as it relates to the book you read. (This is not a judgement on the book, just stating how much you think was present in the book).
1 Very Little
Educational Value
Positive Message
Positive Role Models
Sex, sexual content
Explicit Language !@#$%*
Drinking, Drugs, Smoking
Culturally Positive
7.) Did you have a favorite scene from the book? Describe the scene and why you liked it. OR describe why you did not like the book.
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8.) Did anything frustrate you or drive you crazy about this book? Character actions/reactions? The environment? Writing style?
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9.) Would you recommend this book to your friends? Why or why not?
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10.) What age level do you recommend should read this book? Why?
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11.) Choose an option that best describes how you feel about this book.
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