New Music Open Mic Night (Tues. 6/20) sign up
Where: Steinway Piano Gallery, Charlotte, NC
When: Tues June 20, 7:00pm
Who can perform: Musicians & Composers

Kinds of music: We are not very strict, but like to keep it in the realm of contemporary classical, modern, avant-garde, and experimental music.

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As part of the Charlotte New Music Festival, musicians and composers will have the opportunity to perform their music in a fun, casual setting at Morehead Tavern.
Perhaps you'd like to try out something new or unusual? Maybe you'd like to show another side of yourself with music that doesn't fit the mold of "serious concert music"?

You don't need to be a participant in the workshop to signup. You DO need to supply your own performers, however, so please plan for that.

Reservations for performance slots will be made on a first-come/first-serve basis.

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