Application for UpMarket: The Lunch Edit
Step 1: Please review the important details below and fill out this online application.

- UpMarket runs Wednesdays from June 13th to August 29th, 2018 (a total of 12 events) and is located in the covered courtyard (The Lane) at Yorkville Village, 136 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto. As part of the promotion, we are kicking off the event series with a Night Market on June 12th from 7-9pm, presented by Toronto Life.

- Tables and carts are provided, and linens are not required. We will be selecting up to 20 vendors in total.

- We ask that vendors sign up for a minimum of 4 events. The cost is $200 for 4 events, $50 for each additional event, and $500 for all 12 events in the series (a savings of $100). Please select your preferred event dates below.

Step 2: Submissions must be accompanied by a jurying fee of $20. Payment can be made via PayPal and is the final step of the application form. The fee will be refunded in full if your business is accepted to the Market. Refunds will be sent by June 6th.

If your business is accepted, we will require a $50 deposit that will be held as a security deposit and returned at the end of the market season provided there is no breach in the terms of the vendor agreement or damage to the venue. Deposit refunds will be processed September 30th 2018.

Step 3: After completing this online application, you will receive an email informing you if you've been approved, waitlisted, or declined. Please allow us time to process your application. We will let you know as soon as possible, and definitely before the start of the season on June 12th.

Good luck!

UpMarket: The Lunch Edit at Yorkville Village
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