Interested in wholesale marketing of pasture-raised meat
LAMBlicious (Local Lamb Your Way, Hepworth) in partnership with Burdock Grove Farm (Wiliamsford) and Eat Local Grey Bruce are conducting a business plan for collaboratively wholesaling pasture-based meat products into the GTA/KW/London.

Our current marketing efforts into these regions face several challenges, including distribution costs, butchering, marketing & sales costs, and our ability to provide sufficient quantity over the whole season as a single small farm. With this survey, we are assessing (1) whether and how collaboration can potentially address these challenges, and (2) whether other farmers face similar barriers that we can lobby for jointly.

Please take a few minutes to share basic farm information and some of your business challenges!

Our consultant will treat all information strictly confidential. They will estimate the total supply potential for pasture-raised animals, re-occuring challenges in the Grey Bruce region, and how similar farms face similar barriers. This will also help inform counties and other agencies about how they can better support our local farm enterprises.

CONTACT information
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(1) share our draft results with you for your feedback, and may also contact you for specific clarification questions, and
(2) you take part in a draw for two $50 shopping gift cards at TSC.

No selling of your address, no spamming ;-)

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Name of farm
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Age of primary farmer (years) *
What animals are you producing, and how many/year?
Only those animals you are interested in marketing as "pasture-raised"!
<10 animals
501 -1000
1001 or more
Pastured pork
Chicken, pasture-raised
Other game birds
Are current production practices certified to the standard of a third party? *
Are your production practices in line with the following, even if not certified by a 3rd party? *
Please check all that apply!
Butchering was identified as real issue for many local meat producers.
How do you sell your animals? *
Dominant strategy
Somewhat relevant
Minor relevance
Not relevant
Whole animals, alive
Whole or half animals, slaughtered
Individual cuts, frozen
Individual cuts, fresh
Meat bundles, frozen
What challenges are you facing with your abbatoir?
Please check all that apply!
What challenges have you been facing with your butcher(s)?
Please check all that have impacted your marketing decisions and sales!
What other processing or value-adding would you like to see?
Smoking, prepared meals, whatever could work for you!
Your answer
Your MARKETING & SALES strategy
What BUYERS are you currently serving? *
Please characterize each buyer by how much PROFITS you make, not animal volume!
Very relevant
Somewhat relevant
Little relevance
Not relevant
Auction market (e.g. Keaty)
Restaurants & caterers
Retail stores
Individual consumers
Distribution collaboration
Institutional buyers
Do you believe that selling more animals as INDIVIDUAL CUTS benefit your business?
What WHOLESALE PRICE could you offer, assuming a buyer commits to regular sales that are picked up in a convenient manner? *
From initial interviews with buyers, price is a real sticking point for our region. This answer allows us to assess whether wholesaling is a good strategy for local producers, so please answer honestly to your best knowledge. This is NOT a commitment in any form whatsoever, but serves our preliminary assessment of market potential at given pricing!
What CHALLENGES are you facing when marketing to wholesale buyers?
Please check all that apply!
Major problem
Occasional problem
Not a relevant problem
My supply volume not large enough to meet demand
Buyers not willing to pay required prices
Buyers want fresh, I have frozen
Seasonality of my production not accepted by buyers
Irregular demand, no commitment by buyer
Inconsistent quality of butchering
Payment problems with buyers
Distribution costs, especially for small volumes
Are there any ADDITIONAL challenges when marketing to wholesale buyers?
Your answer
Which barriers can our farmers address by working together?
Right now, are you marketing & distributing with other farmers?
Please check all that apply!
Could collaboration reduce your pricing by reducing your costs? *
Production in our area is often too expensive for the GTA wholesale market. Please check at which activities you see potential to reduce costs!
SIGNIFICANT reduction potential in collaboration
SOME reduction potential in collaboration
Hardly NO options to reduce costs
These costs are actually RISING!
MARKETING costs (e.g. sales, attending markets, consumer education, awareness raising)
What strategies of collaboration do you believe to be effective for your business? *
Please rate according to your perception! Be honest, no sugar-coating please :-)
MAJOR potential now
SOME potential now
MINOR potential now
DOWN THE ROAD potential
NO potential
INPUT PURCHASING (collectively, to reduce production costs)
LABOUR shared among farms (reduce production costs)
PRODUCTION STANDARDS for product consistency
ABATTOIR/BUTCHER collectively owned
STORAGE (e.g. collective large freezer warehouse)
BRANDING "Pasture-raised in Grey Bruce" to raise awareness with tourists & local consumers
SALES (e.g. one sales representative calls buyers)
DISTRIBUTION (shared use of delivery vehicle)
STORE (e.g. collective store that sells to tourists)
TOURISM (e.g. farm tours organized centrally)
What opportunity do you see for joint marketing, sales, and branding?
Please share some ideas, thoughts, concerns!
Your answer
As of today, there is no organization dedicated to promoting pasture-raised meat to consumers. Within organizations, graziers tend to be a minority and sidelined by mainstream production practices. Existing organizations are either very targetted (e.g. the Ontario Forage Council, the SARFIP or Grasslands program) or too broad to give pasturing enough priority (general farm organizations, Beef Farmers, Ecological Farmers of Ontario). Who can carry our torch?
What activities could a grazing organization facilitate?
MAJOR opportunity
SOME potential
Already covered by other organizations
NO, that is not needed.
Educate consumers about benefits of pasturing
Provide cooking instructions to consumers
Organize local workshops on grazing
Submit & administer grants for grazing projects
Organize farmer-to-farmer learning for graziers
Offer marketing & promotion materials
Farm management training
Partnership with other organizations (e.g. Ont. Forage Council, SARFIP)
Branding our region for pasturing
Would you deem it reasonable to start such an organization in Grey/Bruce that specifically promote "pasture-raised meat"?
Please explain what are your concerns and aspirations with starting a new organization for promoting pasture-raised meat?
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Thank you!
Now your opportunity for last comments, recommendations, ideas!
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