PLHS Email User Policy

Students at Point Loma High School have been given a district email account that will be used for student-teacher communication only. This policy applies to all students who are granted privileges to the San Diego Unified School District’s (SDUSD) network and computing systems as well as use of the email system through personal devices such as personal computers and/or mobile devices (mobile devices include but are not limited to items such as laptops, smartphones, and/or tablets) outside of school hours.

1. Students are encouraged to email staff concerning school-related content and questions.
2. Teachers will not be expected to answer student emails outside of their regular workday. (For example, an unanswered email to a teacher would not excuse a student from turning in an assignment).
3. Students cannot email anyone outside the school domain ( or receive email from outside the school domain.
4. Rules/filters are set up by the district to monitor student email for profanity, harassment, and other inappropriate content. Emails identified as inappropriate will be blocked and subject to review by the administration.

INAPPROPRIATE USE of email may result in an investigation and possible disciplinary action being taken by the administration and/or district.

INAPPROPRIATE USE of email includes the following but is not limited to:
1. Transmitting information that is harassing, false, derogatory, profane or sexually explicit manner to or about another person (i.e., threats or offensive remarks about race, ethnicity or sexual orientation).
2. Sending an email to share test answers or promote cheating/plagiarism in any way.
3. Sending an email that contains malware, viruses or any type of phishing email.
4. Using another user’s email password and address.
5. Reading/sending emails during class instruction (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher).
6. Attempting to disguise the identification or origin of an email.
7. Including copyrighted or trademarked materials without authorization from the person or business holding the copyright or trademark, with the exception of fair use.

This policy applies to electronic mail sent and/or received through SDUSD email or network systems. SDUSD and Point Loma High School reserve the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review, and store any and all usage of the network and the Internet, as well as any information sent or received in connection with this usage. Because files remain the property of the school district, no one should have any expectation of privacy regarding such materials. SDUSD is not liable for students’ actions that are outside the scope of this policy.
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