DMSB Senior Check Form August and December 2020
This form will be used to confirm information related to awarding your degree. Please complete the following information in its entirety. This is NOT the graduation application; that needs to be completed through Self-Service Carolina (May 2020 application will be available in late December, likely around December 30).
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Please provide a non-USC email address where we can reach you with questions regarding your degree following graduation if necessary. (Note: This email address may be shared with other DMSB offices as needed.) *
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I understand and agree that I must be advised for my final semester at USC and if I have any questions about my remaining requirements I am to let my advisor know. *
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Students planning to graduate in August 2020 will have the option to participate in the graduation ceremony for the preceding spring or following fall term. If you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony early or late and graduate in August, please select the term you plan to participate in the ceremony below. *
Students taking coursework outside of USC-Columbia in their last 30 hours (including CLEP exams) must meet the University requirement on course completion deadlines as noted in USC Bulletin. This includes submitting a petition to take coursework in the last 30 hours outside of USC-Columbia. Information about this can be found at
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Students taking transfer credit in their last 30 hours must have coursework sent directly from the transient institution to the USC-Columbia Registrar's Office. Electronic transcripts are quickest and can be sent at Please do not send to the DMSB Advisement Office, USC Admissions, or anywhere else besides the Registrar's Office. Otherwise there will likely be a delay in graduation certification.
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Each graduation application is term specific and does not carry over to the next term. Also, each graduation application has a deadline.
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It is my responsibility to ensure that transfer credit posts to my USC transcripts by the last day of my graduating semester.
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