Submit your film to a Pugnant Film Series event
The Pugnant Film Series is a nonprofit organization that organizes screenings of underground, dada & auteur cinema in Athens & Greece generally. We welcome your submissions.

1) this is a continuous call to filmakers. Pugnant film series organize various event with different kinds of film screenings all the year. Your film submission remains valid in our database for about one year.
2) you can submit any film from UNDERGROUND, AUTEUR and DADA fim era. We don't mind about duration, year of production or genre. But we prefer recently produced films
3) there are no submission fees
4) all the submitted films must have english subtitles
5) our events have non-competitive atmosphere. Prizes and awards are not offered.
6) we accept only online links (vimeo, youtube, dropbox etx) as selection screeners.
7) if selected, full details of your work, including an image, short synopsis will be included in our programm.
8) if your film is selected, Pugnant Film Series has the right to make and publish on it's platforms up to two gifs for promotional needs.
9) if your work has been selected for any of our events, of course you will be notified on time.
10) the final screening copies must be mp4 file (codec h264) and sound stereo.


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If my film is selected for a screening event of Pugnant Film Series, i allo Pugnant to make one or two gifs from my work, also i allow to use some footage from the film (less than 5% of the film) for the screening event trailer.
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