Science Year 7 Assessment
This assessment consists of 50 questions. Please answer all the questions. Recommended duration: 60 minutes

Checked & Edited by: Ms Kah Yee
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1. The flow of electricity along a wire is called *
2. Objects that allow electricity to pass along them is called *
3. Objects that allow electricity to pass along them are usually made out of what sort of material? *
4. If something does not allow electricity through it, it is called a *
5. Which of the following materials do not allow current through them? *
6. Electricity can only flow around a circuit when the circuit is *
7. Ali took a pencil and sharpened both ends of it. He then carefully connected his clips onto the sharpened ends of the pencil lead and found that his bulb lit up. Why do you think this happened? *
8. Light switches in bathrooms are often turned on and off using a long string. This is to prevent people touching the switch with wet hands. Why could that be a bad thing? *
9. When you plug something into an electrical socket one thing you notice is that the wire is not bare - it is covered in a type of plastic. What is the best explanation for this? *
10. Ali discovered that one of his wires has been damaged and he can see the metal wire inside. He needs to mend the wire. Which of the following do you think would be the best choice for Ali to use to mend the damaged wire? *
11. What component does this symbol represent? *
Captionless Image
12. What component does this symbol represent? *
Captionless Image
13. What component does this symbol represent? *
Captionless Image
14. The power provided by a battery is measured in *
15. LED stands for *
16. Current is measured in *
17. A simple, complete loop circuit is called a *
18. What is the name of the clips used to connect the wires to the components? *
19. In a series circuit made using one bulb and one battery, which two variables will make the bulb dimmer? *
20. Cats have very sensitive ears so that they can.... *
21. Anzu's cat eats meat. What is the scientific name for animals which eat meat? *
22. Mai says that her rabbits eat green leaves and cereals only. What is the name scientists give to animals which eat plants / vegetation only? *
23. What is the name of the technology which allows us to 'see' the bones inside our bodies? *
24. Which two of the following statements are true about the lungs? *
25. In the muscles, the oxygen is used to turn food into energy for movement. What are the vessels called which carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart? *
26. Is the following statement true or false? Blood carries oxygen and digested food to all parts of the body. *
27. In which organ does oxygen go into the blood? *
28. Which organ pumps blood? *
29. From the heart, blood is pumped where to collect oxygen? *
30. Anya plays basketball for the school team. She wants to know which foods to include in her diet to build strong muscles and bones. Choose three foods from the list below for Anya. *
31. How many bones are there in the adult human body? *
32. The heart is a muscle. All muscles need exercise to remain healthy and grow. Choose three activities from the list below which will help to keep the heart healthy. *
33. 'Vertebrae' is the scientific name for which bones? *
34. When those light rays hit an object they bounce off in different directions, some to your eyes. What does that create on the other side of the object, where the light was originally going? *
35. Keiran thinks it's time to redecorate his bedroom. He wants it nice and light and bright. Which one of the following colours would you advise him to use? *
36. Which of these objects reflects the most light? *
37. What do you think is happening when light bounces off an object to your eyes? *
38. Which one of these objects would you use to see around a corner? *
39. Which of the following statements about light is not true? *
40. Which three of these environmental factors do green plants have to adapt to in sandy deserts? *
41. Choose three adaptations from the list we would see in hot desert plants such as cactus. *
42. Many rose bushes contain thorns which are sharp and can cause nasty injuries if you scratch yourself on one. The thorn is an adaptation which has helped the plant to survive since prehistoric times. Why did the rose evolve to have thorns? *
43. Trees like the redwood have grown taller and taller over time. This is an example of a successful adaptation leading to evolution of the whole species. Why are tall redwood trees more successful than smaller ones? *
44. Pondweeds have several adaptations which enabled them to thrive in ponds and wetlands. Can you identify two adaptations of pondweed from the list below? *
45. Most micro-organisms cannot be seen except with a ... *
46. Which of the following statements is true of all micro-organisms? *
47. Which of the following is not caused by micro-organism? *
48. Which type of micro-organism causes diseases such as sore throats, food poisoning and tetanus? *
49. Which type of 'good' micro-organism is found in our intestines and helps us to digest our food? *
50. Why is it likely that, if someone in your class has a 'cold', quite a few of their classmates will get the 'cold' too? *
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