Parental Permission for my child to walk to and from school alone (Year 5 & 6 children ONLY)
Dear Parent / Carer

From MONDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER children from Years 5-6 will be allowed to walk to and from school alone (with your written consent).

Your child will be prevented from walking home unaccompanied by an adult unless this permission has been given. You need to be absolutely sure that your child will behave in a responsible manner on and off the school site and that they maintain social distancing and adhere to the school rules around COVID-19.

If your child is seen or reported to be not following the agreements set out on this form, then you will be contacted and your child will need to be dropped off and collected from school by an adult.

It is also vital that you have arrangements in place for where your child will be going after school and that their well-being is safeguarded.

Please read each question very carefully.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation

Mrs Clarke
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Is your child road safety aware? *
Would your child know what to do if a stranger approached them? *
Would your child have the confidence to refuse to do what a stranger asked? *
Would your child know the best action to take if a stranger tried to make them do something they didn't want to do (scream, shout, kick, fight)? *
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How will your child inform you of their arrival home? *
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After reading all the safety considerations set out, do you give permission for your child to walk to and home from school without an adult? *
I agree to notify the school immediately should this arrangement change.
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