Fast with Divest Harvard for Fossil Fuel Divestment, October 20th-24th
Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members will participate in the fast. Some will fast for 3 days (or 72 hours representing the 72% of Harvard students who support fossil fuel divestment) and others for 1. We approach fasting as an honored tactic to call attention to the urgent need for divestment in light of the current injustices caused by climate change. You can join from anywhere in the world or come hang out with us on campus. We will fast from sundown to sundown. If you have questions about the fast, please email or visit

Schedule of events:
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Will you commit to fasting with Divest Harvard for one day or more? *
If yes, how many days do you think you'll fast for? *
For 3 days, you can do Mon-Wed, Tues-Thurs, or Wed-Fri.
Which day(s) of the week will you fast for? *
Please complete this sentence: I am fasting for fossil fuel divestment because... *
We are creating a website that will feature photos of all the fasters and quick description of why they are fasting.
Please attach a photo- THE FILE NAME SHOULD BE YOUR NAME! This will be added to our wall of photos on the home page; however, you are welcome to join us even if you do not want your name and picture publicized. *
* If you choose not to fast, please let us know, so that we have can have an accurate count of the individuals who are participating.
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