Tenant Survey Form
ZSIC Life Plc is conducting satisfaction survey to help monitor the satisfaction with the rental services delivered. This info also helps to gather vital information on our tenants’ expectations and priorities so as to meet them as much as possible. Kindly take time to complete the sections below:
1. How would you rate the following areas of the property?
1.1. Interior walls, flooring and all other surfaces: *
1.2 Exterior walls and roofing: *
1.3. Locks and other safety features: *
1.4. Appearance and cleanliness of common areas: *
2. Is there a feature or amenity that would be worth a small increase in rent? *
If Yes what feature(s) would that be?
3. Maintenance requests are handled to your satisfaction *
Additional Information:
4. How difficult is it to pay rent, get a receipt and statement? *
How would you want to pay and access your account status?
How would you want us to improve?
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