CS140e Pre-Registration Survey
We're really excited to learn that you're interested in taking CS140e! This is the course's first offering. As such, you should expect the course to have rough edges and growing pains.

The course has very limited enrollment, so it is unlikely that we will be able to admit everyone that wants to take the course. As such, we've designed this survey to inform us about your readiness and curiosity. After reviewing responses, you will receive an email indicating whether we are able to accommodate you in CS140e. We look forward to welcoming you in the winter!
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Student Information
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Academic Background
Which of the following courses have you taken? *
If you have taken CS140, when did you take it?
Technical Background
Have you implemented any operating system mechanisms such as virtual memory support, processes, or threads? *
Have you implemented any bare metal software such as bootloaders or device drivers? *
Do you have any experience with embedded software development? *
In which programming languages do you feel comfortable and confident writing software? *
Technical Comfort
How comfortable do you feel with assembly? *
Not Comfortable
Very Comfortable
How comfortable do you feel inspecting binaries and object files? *
Not Comfortable
Very Comfortable
How comfortable do you feel manually compiling, cross-compiling, and linking C-like applications? *
Not Comfortable
Very Comfortable
Tell us more!
Why do you want to take CS140e? *
Do you have any other experiences with low-level software, operating systems, or embedded devices that you wish to share?
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