Hi! Thank you for celebrating International Women's Day by joining this swap and for your generous donation to Beautiful World Canada. Together we will make changes to the lives of young women living in poverty and at risk. We will also piece beautiful projects and an awesome community of makers together. Be sure to have purchased a "Sisterhood Swap" listing from "Happysewluckyshop" on Etsy to secure your spot in the swap. The listing can be found here:
Please fill in your details below so that we can get this party started!
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Are you willing to be a "Circle Mama"? (You will be responsible for keeping the seven sisters in your circle, plus yourself, updated and on time) *
If yes, have you been a Swap Mama before? (Please give info)
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Do you wish to have the Sisters in your circle appointed for you, or do you have a specific group of 8 you'd like in your circle. (Note: Must be a full group of 8.) *
If you have a requested a specific circle of Sisters, provide the names of the other 7 in your group as well as a name for your circle. (Everyone in this group must list the same circle name, and all name the same people to be included please.)
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Have you purchased the Swap listing on Etsy yet? If not go to "HappySewLuckyShop" and purchase it and then check YES! Thanks. *
Do you understand that you need to make your blocks and mail them by APRIL 27, 2019? *
Do you understand that the bodies are Foundation Paper-Pieced through paper (not using the folded Freezer Paper technique) and the heads are to be HAND appliquéd on? And that the blocks are to be shipped trimmed to size with the paper left on?
Do you understand what "Low Volume" fabric is? *
Do you understand that the arms & heads are to be pieced from SOLIDS in various skin tones? (Matching arms & head) *
Do you understand that your blocks need to take your Sisters' dress fabric requests into consideration? *
Do you understand that your work needs to be neat, clean and free of cat hair when you mail it? *
OK! Now that we've gotten all that out of the way, tell us a little about you to inspire the fabric for your dresses! Give your Sisters a little direction to go on, but not a novel, please. (Note specific questions on fabric colour, designers etc below.) *
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Colour palette for my dresses: *
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Fave fabrics or designers: *
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Not so fave fabrics and colours: (Be respectful. Your sister might love what you do not) *
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OK I think that should do it. Are you all set? (I'll try to get your Circle info to you as soon as I can. Stay updated by checking @happysewlucky on Instagram. )
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