Pace Pictures - Covid19 Preparedness Plan
Pace Safety Health Precautions.

1. Entrance to Pace’s premises located at 1041 N McCadden PL (“Pace Premises”) will require a face mask and protective gloves provided by Pace, if necessary.

2. You will be greeted at the front door with a Email/ QR code for scanning that will provide a questionnaire about your health, travel and contact over the last 14 days (based upon current CDC guidelines).

3. You must electronically sign this document that will provide your release of Pace for liability relating to your entry onto the Pace Premises an activities therein (which release shall be to the fullest extent permitted by law).

4.  Prior to entry, your temperature will be taken by a Pace designated staff (no physical contact shall be made during said process), and your temperature reading will be recorded in this document.

5. Upon completion of the steps required herein, you will be issued a wrist band signifying you have satisfied the procedures herein.

6. You will be provided instructions on how to access the edit suites or any other areas on the Pace Premises where you will be working.

7. All fridges/coffee/machines and common areas (including the kitchen) can only be accessed by Pace staff.

8. Lunches and Dinners are ordered through delivery services that abide by Covid-19 CDC guidelines directly to our door - all drinks and utensils are single use only.

9. If you leave the Pace Premises you will need to re-complete all procedures set forth herein before being allowed reentry.

10. Any client or staff member who removes a required mask or gloves while in the Pace Premises will be reprimanded, and if it continues will be asked to leave the building immediately.

11. Though cleaning crews will clean and disinfect surfaces twice a day (including restrooms), all individuals entering the Pace Premises need to be responsible for their own mouse and keyboards and other surface or items they contact.

12. You acknowledge and understand that the content of this list/ Form and questionnaire are being gathered and shall be used by Pace solely for the purpose of ensuring the safety of all Pace Premises occupants/guests in connection with COVID 19. The Form and questionnaire shall not be disclosed by Pace to third parties other than Pace and its management and employees, and its agents, attorneys, and representatives who have a need to know the same in connection with services provided to Pace.  

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