French Weeks Promotions Menu
French Weeks is already well-known as the first French Festival in Florida and showcase the richness of France present within a wide program of French-related social, cultural, business and educational events.
During 9 days, on the side of the event program, the French Weeks will offer a "Promotions Menu" with promotions in restaurants, cafés, spas, and for lifestyle brands... all French of course!

Become the worthy representative of French Weeks with your own French Weeks Promotions and benefit from the publicity of the festival.

To participate, you just have to create your French Weeks promotion and fill out the application form below. Yes, it IS FREE TO PARTICIPATE! And if you are a FACC Florida Member, you will gain additional visibility with your logo in all of our marketing tools.

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Why participate in the French Weeks Promotions Menu?
- Be promoted as one of the top French brand in South Florida's Lifestyle
- Reach French lifestyle lovers and lovers-to-be.
- Be  recognized as a main player of the French Business Community in South Florida.
- Get major exposure and advertising with our complete media and communication campaign on two websites (FACC, French Weeks), social media pages, French Consulate newsletter, newspapers, radios, local tv, flyers and brochure.
What are the requirements?
Create a French Style Promotion with minimum 15% off or fixed rate package.
Having French Style Promotion to present during French Weeks.

What are the benefits?
If you are not a FACC Member
- Name, phone number, and address or website in French Weeks Promotions Menu on the website of
- Name, phone number, and address or website in the Brochure of the French Weeks 2018
- Name in 1 email blast during the French Weeks

If you are a FACC Member or subscribe as FACC Member
- Logo, phone number, address or website, and website link, in French Weeks Promotions Menu on the website of
- Logo, phone number, address, and website in the Press Kit of French Weeks 2018
- Logo, phone number, address or/and website address in the Brochure of French Weeks 2018
- Logo in at least 2 email blasts during French Weeks

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