Rising Stars sign up
Want to find a team for the Rising Stars tournament? Use this form to sign up along side other potential teammates. We will have the spreadsheet with all potential teammates pinned in "lp-event-general" in WPD.

Do keep in mind that this isn't a sign up and forget it type of event. If you want to make a team, you need to start reaching out to potential teammates ASAP so that you can start practicing with each other.

Teams can consist of up to 6 players. In order to keep teams fair your team must have an average rating of no more than 1700. Please keep in mind that we are operating under the honor system when it comes to your response to your peak rating. Each team is allowed one "mentor" member whose rating will not affect your teams average waiting.

Do keep in mind that ALL Data Centers are eligible to compete but the matches will be taking place on Aether!

Once you have a team please DM Eternal Arcadia#5744 on Discord to get your team registered. You can also reach out if you have any questions, including questions about your teams eligibility.

Good luck and don't forget it's all about having fun!

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