Serve Here America Scholarly Publication Awards - Article and Book
Serve Here America is pleased to announce a yearly award of $500 to that scholarly publication in a peer-reviewed journal that best recognizes the importance of civic engagement and social capital.

Serve Here America was established in 2013 (first known as Serve Here Connecticut) by Philanthropist Alva Gimbel Greenberg as a means to encourage civic engagement and the growth of social capital among the younger generation. Since its establishment it successfully has sponsored state legislation to that end and supported an academic learning community leading to the publication of Social Capital and Community Well-Being: The Serve Here Initiative (2016). We are now interested in recognizing scholarship that promotes the participation of citizenry in the Democratic process of governing this nation – not just politically but at all levels of civic involvement.

This award recognizes an outstanding academic publication that recognizes the importance of civic engagement and social capital. The article or book must have a 2018 publication year and there are no geographic stipulations.

“Social capital refers to the connections among individuals such that, over time, a social network is created in which people come to expect mutual support and trust. This leads to: a) potential increases in each individual’s physical health and social-emotional well-being, as well as, b) potential increases in civic engagement and employment in the community of which they are a part, both contributing to a healthier and more effectively functioning society” (Johnson 2016: 63).

The Serve Here Jury will select the winner.

How to apply?

Submit all application materials via the form below.

All application materials must demonstrate how the publication relates to the above definition that is from the Social Capital and Community Well-Being (2016) text that serves as the foundational piece for Serve Here America.

Direct any questions to Barret Katuna at:

Submissions System Opens on September 1, 2018
Submissions System Closes on December 30, 2018.
Awardees to be notified by Spring 2019.

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