MicroGPSTracker [pre-order & waiting list]
Proudly presented to you by TTN Community Berlin (2021-04-06)

Key features:

- Radius: 15 mm, Thickness: 2.7 mm (without battery - because this may vary from usecase to usecase)
- Weight: 8.x grams / depends on battery size of course
- designed primarily for TTN - but also fitting in all other global LoRaWAN networks
- GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU capabilities included by default
- BOSCH BMA400 3D-Accelereometer integrated now by default
- integrated automatic firmware bootloader (completey re-written)
- extended documentation will be available (github)
- USB-C compatible data transfer [looking like a mass storage, sticks to yr laptop/OTG-handy]

Expected 1st batch delivery in QII - QIII / 2021
Get further product information there: http://bit.ly/MicroTracker

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Molly and her new LoRaWAN based cattracker (radius only 15 mm)
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