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Cultural Performing Arts Network (CPAN) is a network of greater Sydney based performers that are from culturally diverse communities or work in culturally specific art forms.

CPAN has a commitment to supporting and promoting culturally specific performing arts groups and individuals. Currently, it is supported and hosted by FORM Dance Projects based in Parramatta. Fairfield City Council, FORM Dance Projects, Community First Step and University of Western Sydney initiated the network in 2009 out of a need by community groups to gain greater access to mainstream activities in the arts.
Information sharing forms an important part of CPAN’s work and aims to promote culturally diverse arts and its legitimate place within broader contemporary Australian arts practice.

As a member you receive:

• A quarterly E-Bulletin that outlines the networks upcoming events, opportunities and news. This is a free service for members to promote their shows and services.

• Annual professional development event targeted to CPAN Members, an opportunity where members can participate and meet other artists, and industry professionals.

• One-on-one meeting with a FORM staff member on request for dance industry advice.

• Eligibility to have a featured Artist Profile in FORM Dance Projects monthly e-News.

Membership is FREE of charge and is open to all performance-based groups, organisations and individuals!
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