EBC Facility Renovation Exploration 
Thank you for sharing with us your ideas, concerns, suggestions!!! We will use this input in our conversations with the architects as they are tasked with creating a "Master Plan" to improve our facility and support the ministry of EBC to our members and community. 

The goal of a "Master Plan" is to consider all desired changes and possibilities to both repair and update our facility, as well as unify and streamline campus use and access as a whole, doing so in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.
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Do you believe the Lord is leading us to do this exploratory work of creating a "Master Plan" to address our facility needs? (1-absolutely not!; 5- He is definitely leading us in this direction!)
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The next set of questions will pertain to the Sanctuary Improvements.
How pressing do you believe repairs and improvements to the Sanctuary to be? (1- not important; 5- very important)
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If the sanctuary were to be fully renovated, which areas of concern would like to most see addressed? (Choose all that apply)
What (if any) other issue(s) should we address in the sanctuary which was NOT mentioned above?
Briefly communicate any specific ideas or concerns you have regarding a full sanctuary renovation, especially in light of your selections and suggestions above.
How would you feel about "flipping the sanctuary" to allow traffic flow from the Commons to enter into the rear of the sanctuary? (1- No way!!!; 3- I'm open to it; 5- Yes!!!)
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The following questions will be regarding the possible "closing in" of the alleyway to create a new Main Entrance, a Welcome Center, and a Central Hallway connecting the Sanctuary, Commons, and Ed. Buildings.
How needed is this type of improvement to the facility to address entry, welcoming guests, traffic flow, and accessibility?
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Many ideas are being floated for the alleyway improvement: new main entrance, welcome station, restrooms, access points, elevator/ramp, resource area, central kids min check-in station, missions and ministry emphasis area, seating area, coffee station, etc.. While all things will not be able to be done (nor likely should all those things be done), of these, which components do you believe to be most important for that area? (Check all that apply)
What other ideas would you suggest be considered for this area/hallway?
Ideas have been suggested about leaving the stain glass and brick intact and exposed in the alleyway hallway, how important is that to you? (1- Make it disappear!; 5- I'd truly hate to see all that covered up!)
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There are current structural problems that we face which we hope any improvements to the facility will fix or address: 

Water leak into Fellowship Hall
Water leak into Rm 101
Sinking front corner of the sanctuary building
Handicap access to sanctuary
Safety in Alley
HVAC Units accessibility
Unkept access points (Multiple alley doors/awnings)
Storage Needs (Possibly digging out basement area between buildings)
Multiple Children’s Station
Signage (Incorrect info and lack thereof!)

What other concerns are you aware of which need attention if this project is done?
What are your main concerns when considering this renovation project?
Obviously, if we were to undertake such a project, it will be costly and require us to make major adjustments both personally and corporately for a season (personal financial sacrifice, meeting in the gym for worship for an extended time while improvements are made, etc.) How ready/excited are you and your family to sacrificially participate in this?
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What are we missing? What other thoughts do you have about this potential project that we need to keep in mind?
The Master Plan is being developed so that changes and improvements are: made with the "big picture" in mind, made orderly to minimize disruption, and coordinated efficiently to maximize our resource use. It is very possible that the actual work of this project will be completed in phases (ie. Sanctuary, Main entrance and Alleyway, etc.) Keeping this in mind, which best describes how important you believe it to be to get all phases completed?
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While we don't know all the costs yet and realize that none will be totally behind every decision and choice made, do you currently believe God is leading us to follow through with the renovations, repairs, and improvements to be brought to us by the architects?
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