Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our STT Direct team. Please answer the questions below to get started.

Important! We require all potential drivers to complete a background check and driving record check. The records can be obtained at the Records Bureau located at Alexander Farrelly Justice Complex.
You do not need to submit the background check if you are a holder of a non-expired Military ID, a current member of the VIPD force, or a holder of a non-expired TWIC card.

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Are you willing to transport passengers?
Passenger Transport Questionnaire
If you answered "No" to the previous question please continue to the next section. If you answered "Yes", please answer the following questions regarding your ability to transport passengers.
How many passengers can your vehicle carry?
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Do you have a child seat?
Is your vehicle wheelchair accessible?
Does your vehicle have space for luggage and groceries?
Does your vehicle have air conditioning?
Do you allow smoking in your vehicle?
Will you be willing to take passengers after dark?
Are you willing and able to assist elderly or disabled passengers to enter and exit your vehicle?
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