Wild Faith Herbal Magic School 2020
Thank you for seeking out herbal and magical experience with Wild Faith Herbal Magic School. After reading the description of the program on the website, please fill out this application. Once the application is received, you will be contacted to set up a phone or in person interview.
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Where will you be living during the program?
If you are coming from out of town, will you need help finding sleeping accommodations in the area for the weekend sessions?
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Are you able commit to the full 7-month herbal magic program? The schedule is clearly stated on the website.
Please provide a statement of intention. Why do you want to learn with Wild Faith Herbal Magic School? Are there any specific aspects of herbalism, justice, entrepreneurship, horticulture or magic you are passionate about learning? 4-8 sentences, please.
What the topics are you excited to learn about?
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If/when you are accepted into the program, can you afford to pay, on a sliding scale, $1111-1333 for the program? The description of what is included is clearly stated on the website.
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Are you aware that part of this school will address cultural appropriation, white supremacy, toxic use of the gender binary and land occupation within Western Herbalism and beyond? Are you aware that in this program, participants (including teachers) will be held accountable in changing these cultural paradigms within our community and within ourselves? We will be learning tools for change and personal ways of empowerment through tenderness, empathy, self love/care and ritual. ***Pleasure Activism by AMB will be one of our main resources.***
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When are you available for a phone or in person interview? Please provide specific days of the week and times.
Is there anything else you would like to share including questions, concerns or ideas?
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