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Thanks for your interest in having Balloon Chain at your event. Please fill out and submit this form and someone will reply to you ASAP.
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Address of event location
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Site Description
Balloon Chain is displayed best outside in a large open space, but we are able to work in any space by modifying the project accordingly.
Describe the site of the event location and mention any obstacles we should be aware of (ie: power lines, trees etc) *
Display Requests
We can provide as many chains as you wish, provided that we have the space and manpower. We also have different color balloons and lights to choose from.
How many lines are you requesting for each day? 
What hours do you want balloons displayed each day?
Festival Volunteers
Each chain must be manned at all times to be at the ready with constant wind shifts. For festival installations, we try to keep travel costs down by asking the festival to provide local dedicated balloon volunteers. The number of volunteers needed depends on how many lines you are requesting (usually between 6 and 16 volunteers).
Will you be able to provide volunteers?
Thank you!
We hope to bring the joy of Balloon Chain to your event. From the information on this form, we will let you know of our availability and provide a quote for you.

After quote is accepted, we will discuss:
- Contract
- Helium tank logistics
- Communications with FAA
- Event logistics (secure work area, accommodations, transport, etc.)
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