Local 88 Workday Pay Discrepancy & General Concern Reporting Form
Please first report issues to Department HR and seek resolution with them.
What is your name?
What is the best phone number to reach you at? (mobile phone preferred)
What is your home email address?
What is your Department?
Has this issue been reported to Department HR? (Issues must be reported to HR to preserve our grievance timelines)
Clear selection
What is the issue regarding you pay check? (Please be specific - for example: "I worked 4 hours of overtime on January 8th that were not included on the pay check I receive on Jan. 31" OR "I had a deduction for my FSA increase significantly without my approval from $40 to $60.)
Has HR been able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction?
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Why do you believe that HR's completed resolution of your pay discrepancy is unsatisfactory?
On what date did HR communicate that they had completed their attempt to resolve your pay discrepancy?
Do you have any other Workday related concerns that you would like to report to the union? Please describe them in the space below.
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