Propose a Workshop at DL2018
We aim to showcase workshops that model and embed equitable teaching practices to explore questions like:
How can we engage students in deeper learning experiences?
How can we support educators in designing deeper learning experiences for students?
How can we cultivate leaders who facilitate deeper learning in schools?
How can we create and advance equitable learning environments?
How do we spread more deeper learning experiences to all students?

At DL2018 you will:
-Experience deeper learning for yourself through deep dives, interactive workshops and an innovative maker-space.
-Connect with powerful educators who care deeply about preparing students for college and the careers of tomorrow.
-Learn new ideas and practices that will equip yourself and colleagues with tools and strategies to spread deeper learning.

Workshops will be held on Day 1 (March 28) and Day 3 (March 30) of the conference. We are seeking 90-minute or 3- hour sessions. Should you wish to present a 3-hour workshop, your session will be held during both workshop rounds on Day 1.

If accepted, a DL team member will work closely with you to ensure your session is a success. Accepted presenters receive a discounted registration fee.

Proposals are due by January 19, 2018.

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Note: Three hour sessions will be indicated in the program and participants will attend your session during workshop rounds 1 and 2.
Workshop agenda (90 mins or 3 hours). Please limit to 400 words. *
Please include a detailed "lesson plan" for the workshop, including times, activities and what participants will create in your session. Note that your workshop should model equitable teaching & deeper learning strategies, so it should be interactive by encouraging participants to work and talk together at least 70% of the time. For example, an agenda may include: 1) 10 min. - Introductions and Framing of workshop; 2) 10 min. - Reading and annotating a passage from "An Ethic of Excellence"; 3) 5 min. - Pair/share with neighbor about what struck them... etc. 4) 25 min. - Examine student work samples 5) 30 min. - Develop qualities of standards for deeper learning work. 6) 10 min. - Debrief or Q/A.Your answer.
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This year we are striving to include K-12 students in the workshops as volunteers, participants, and co-facilitators. How might your workshop utilize K-12 students?
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Student Volunteers/Participants needed *
Student volunteers are an important part to our DL conference. Most workshops had two high school student volunteers that assisted with technology, materials and workshop facilitation. How many students would you like for your workshop? (If you are local and can provide your own K-12 students, please indicate that as well.)
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Materials needed *
Each room will be equipped with a projector, audio and chart paper, makers, post it notes and index cards for a single workshop session with ~25 participants. All presenters are asked to bring their own laptops. Please provide a detailed list of additional supplies your workshop requires.
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Technology needs *
Every room will have a projector. We ask that you bring your own laptop, charger, adapters (dongles) and at least 1 USB stick in case you need to transfer your presentation slides/folder to another laptop. There will be a student volunteer in each room to assist with technology. Please provide information about what other technology needs your workshop requires.
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