NBTSC worktrade application 2019
This application is for most worktrade applicants, including lifeguards who 1) are also open to other types of work, and/or 2) want us to consider their financial situation as part of their application.

If you are ONLY applying for a lifeguarding worktrade AND do not want us to consider your financial situation, please fill out our lifeguard-only application instead.

Before filling out this application, please carefully read our worktrade page (https://www.nbtsc.org/worktrades/). Worktrade applications are due March 31. You must also have completed a NBTSC registration (including deposit) by March 31 - we don't consider applications from unregistered campers. We'll get back to you (via email) by April 30 at the latest, sooner if we can.

Notes on the format: this form will not allow you to save your work part-way through, so you may want to start when you'll have plenty of time to finish. (Or just copy any carefully-thought-out responses to a temporary document so it's easy to re-enter them later.) If you submit an application but then want a do-over, no problem - just submit a new application anytime up until midnight on March 31st. If we receive multiple submissions from the same camper we'll use the most recent one (unless you tell us otherwise).

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application! We look forward to being with you at camp.

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