Boston Mamas: Massachusetts Nonprofit Spotlight Application
Christine Koh receives hundreds of pitches every week from different brands and nonprofits who want to be featured on In an ideal world, she would love to help everyone (and she understands that many small nonprofits have little to no marketing budget), but, well, TIME. (In addition to Boston Mamas, Christine has 4 other businesses she touches every single day.)

Enter, the Boston Mamas Nonprofit Spotlight series! As a way to give back to the community, Christine is kicking off a recurring spotlight series on Massachusetts nonprofits. Each month, Christine will spotlight a different Massachusetts nonprofit on (and tag the nonprofit across various social media channels). Given Christine's devoted and extensive digital following, this is a really, really good thing for a nonprofit looking for coverage! If you work for, or know of, a wonderful nonprofit that you feel is deserving of feature, please fill out this application!

Preliminary Notes (seriously, please read this first)
1. To qualify for this series, the nonprofit must be headquartered in Massachusetts.

2. Take care with the submission of your application. Better prepared applications (well-written, good photos) are going to rise to the top of consideration.

3. Please do not e-mail asking about the status of your application. We understand that if you are taking the time to submit this application, you care! We anticipate a high volume of applications, so do everything you can to present a compelling story, and trust us to take it from there!

Basic Information
Your name *
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Name of Massachusetts nonprofit *
Web URL for Massachusetts nonprofit *
Your relationship with the nonprofit you are nominating *
Is the nonprofit a 501(c)(3)? *
Spotlight Questions
Present your responses as clearly and well-written as possible because: 1) this will improve your chances of being featured (we'll say it plainly, Christine takes major issue with sloppily presented work!), and 2) if you are selected for feature, Christine will excerpt material directly from your application.
What is the story behind the nonprofit? *
What is the mission of the nonprofit? *
Who does the nonprofit help? *
Does the nonprofit have core community activities (e.g., road race, food drive, fundraising gala, etc.)? If so, what are they? *
What is the proven impact of the nonprofit so far (e.g., funds dispersed, people helped, meals delivered, etc.)? *
What is one of the most compelling examples of how this nonprofit has made a difference? *
What are 3 top needs of this nonprofit? *
Pictures say a million words! Please upload up to 5 photos that reflect the spirit and mission of the nonprofit you are nominating! *
I understand that if selected for feature, my responses may be edited for brevity and coherence *
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