Impact Survey - EA & LW Forum Summaries
Thanks for taking the time to fill out this survey! We'll be reading all responses and using them to inform our decisions about whether and how to continue this project next year.

Note that this survey references the written version of the summaries only. If you'd like to give feedback on the podcast, you can find the form for that here:

Your responses will remain anonymous unless you choose to include your name (no emails etc. are collected).
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Approximately how much would you pay for a year's access to these summaries, in USD? (Feel free to put zero if you wouldn't pay for it)

(Note: this question is purely for measuring impact - we are not considering charging for this service.)
Please share the largest impact the summaries have had for you - specific details are appreciated.

(Eg. how much time it saves you per week, or an idea or opportunity you acted on that you would have missed otherwise. You're also welcome to note if there has been no significant impact.)
Are the summaries your primary way of interacting with the EA forum?
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If the summaries didn't exist, would you still interact with the EA forum and its ideas?
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Any other comments on the impact of the EA & LW Forum summaries?
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