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Green Dot is about equipping the community with strategies to be an active bystander so they can intervene in situations of power-based violence and be part of the positive cultural shift that is needed to end sexual violence. Part of this strategy is hearing an Overview Talk. Our standard Overview Talk is 45 minutes and covers the basic elements of Green Dot including the three Ds (Direct, Delegate, Distract). If your organization is already very familiar with Green Dot, or has received an Overview Talk in the past, we are happy to do a 90-minute talk expanding upon the elements and strategies covered.

If you would like to have an Overview Talk presented to your class, CIO, or other group on Grounds, please fill out the information request form below. Please know that most of our Overview Talk facilitators are volunteers. In order to be respectful of their time, we require AT LEAST a three-week notice, and you will be asked to list 3 different times your organization is available for us to give the talk. Additionally, you will be responsible for reserving space on-Grounds for the Overview Talk.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to partnering with you!

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