PyCon SK 2019 Feedback Form
We hope that these few optional questions will not take a lot of your valuable time and effort. We evaluate your answers and come up with improvements for the conference next year.
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the event overall?
Given your experience, would you encourage others to attend next year?
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How would you rate the overall quality of talks/workshops?
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Which talk, workshop or speaker were you most pleased with?
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Which topic were you least pleased with? Why?
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What kind of speakers would you like to see next year?
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Did you have enough time to network?
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What made this event so interesting that you decided to spend your weekend there?
What features should we add to the event?
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What did you struggle to find on our website?
Don't hesitate to mention things that you found, eventually. It's our fault, not yours.
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Would you consider our visual identity "nice"?
Do you like the design of our website, T-shirts, bottles...?
What would you say about the queues for the lunch?
Please complain on the food or coffee here:
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What do you think about the water fountains and glass bottles?
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Did you find the job fair beneficial for you?
Have you noticed any Code of Conduct violation?
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What can we do to make next year’s conference even better?
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Please leave us other comments, feedback and impressions about PyCon SK 2019. We appreciate it a lot and will try to improve next year.
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