Kailager 2022 - 26 June to 2 July
Please use this form to register your child for the upcoming Kailager Kids Camp. Please read this information right to the end before filling in the form. Please also ensure that all the questions are filled in.

In addition to this registration form, we would like you to send a photograph of your child (to learn their names already), as well as a copy of your medical aid card (which we will hopefully not use). These can be sent directly to Mary Leigh under admin@uelc.org.za.

Please fill in a separate registration form for each child.

Once we have received your registration form we will send you a letter with further information regarding what to pack, contact details and bank details for payment.

We really look forward to hosting your child at our camp and hope that it will be a rewarding experience for them.

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Details of your child
The following information required is all about your child
Surname of child *
Name of child *
Nickname of child
Age *
Gender *
ID Number of child *
Date of birth *
Number of times that your child has attended the Kailager Kids Camp *
Physical Address (where child resides) *
Home Language *
Other Languages *
Names of siblings and friends also at the camp
Swimming ability of child *
Do you give permission for your child to swim in the ocean? Please note that we have 4 volunteers in the water with the children at any given time. *
As mentioned above, please provide us with a copy of your medical aid card, of which your child is a member. Health and safety is of utmost importance to us at all our KZN YOUTH camps and we always have a person in charge of medical issues at the camps with us. Please also note:
*all medication should be packed, in its original packaging, in a see-through Ziplock bag clearly marked with the name of your child.
*Please also place a piece of paper with the name of your child in the bag.
*A list of instructions as to the dosage and when and how often the medication needs to be taken, should to be placed in the bag. In addition please fill in the name of the medication below:

Under no circumstances can medication be kept int he child's bag or personal belongings (as a safety for other children). We also keep all this information completely confidential. The medication bag needs to be handed either to the medical person at the campsite, should you be bringing your child, or to the helpers on the bus when your child is dropped off.

Name of medication (if any)
Recent illnesses
Has your child had COVID 19?  
Clear selection
Is your child vaccinated against COVID 19? Please note that your child may attend the camp whether they are vaccinated or not.
Clear selection
Name of medical Aid
Medical Aid Number
Principal member of Medical Aid
Additional comments concerning the health of your child
Does your child suffer from any of the following
Information from other in the previous question
When last did your child receive a tetanus Injection? If it is more than five years ago, please arrange for your child to receive a booster shot before the camp.
Special Dietary requirements *
Parent/Caregiver Information
In the sections below, please provide us with information of the parents/caregivers of the child
Name of Principal Parent/Caregiver/Father *
Occupation of Principal Parent/Caregiver/Father *
ID number of Principal Parent/Caregiver/Father *
Contact 1 of Principal Parent/Caregiver/Father *
Contact 2 of Principal Parent/Caregiver/Father
E-mail of Principal Parent/Caregiver/Father *
Any personal information you feel we should know about the Principal Parent/Caregiver/Father
Name of Secondary Parent/Caregiver/Mother
Occupation of Secondary Parent/Caregiver/Mother
ID Number of Secondary Parent/Caregiver/Mother
Contact 1 of Secondary Parent/Caregiver/Mother
Contact 2 of Secondary Parent/Caregiver/Mother
E-mail of Secondary Parent/Caregiver/Mother
Any personal information you feel we should know about the Secondary Parent/Caregiver/Mother
Other contact for child
Relation to child
ID Number of other contact
Contact number
Transport arrangements are still being finalised and will be confirmed directly with the parents of all registered
participants closer to the camp.
However, we require the following information in order to make efficient transport arrangements:
Transport TO Kailager 26 June 2022 - please choose your preferred departure point *
Transport FROM Kailager Camp Site 2 July 2022 - please choose your preferred drop off point *
The costs for the camp this year shall be R900 per child (should you have more than one child joining us, the the costs will be R880 for the second child and R850 for three and more). Please do take note that the actual costs for each child for the camp amount to around R1500, and as such we subsidize the camp for each child to make it more affordable. Should you be in a position to afford to pay the full unsubsidized cost, we would appreciate it. However, should you find it difficult to afford even the subsidized cost, please indicate below what you are able to afford. Of course we are also appreciative of any donations that can help a child who is not able to afford the camp - please indicate below if you are able to do so.
I am able to pay the following for my child *
I require assistance to the value of:
I am able to sponsor another child - please indicate in the next question to what value you are able to sponsor
Clear selection
I can sponsor the following amount:
Please click yes to all the indemnity questions below. Should you have answered no to any of the next section, we may decline registration for the camp.
I hereby give permission that my child can participate in the KAILAGER CHILDREN’S CAMP to be held from 26 JUNE to 2 July 2022 at the KAILAGER CAMP SITE, Port Edward. I understand that the nature of the activities at the camp may include – but not be limited to – swimming in the ocean, an outing to the super tube, an outing to the supermarket to buy snacks, campfire activities such as night watch, indoor and outdoor games, sport activities, accommodation in shared tents and communal eating and that risks may arise during these activities. *
I hereby authorise the leaders in charge of the camp or the particular activity in which my child is involved in to consent, where it is impracticable to communicate with my child, to receive such medical or surgical treatment as the leader may deem necessary at any time during the camp. I further authorise the use of an ambulance or anaesthetic by a qualified medical practitioner if in his/her judgement it is necessary. I accept responsibility for payment of all expenses associated with such treatment. I also understand that the leader/s of the camp will make every reasonable effort to contact me regarding an injury or illness to my child. *
PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEO FOOTAGE: I give permission for the KZN YOUTH of the NELCSA to take and store photographs and/or video footage of my child to be used in promotional and feedback material in our local community and the Church. *
This IS / IS NOT the first time that my child has been away from home for more than one night without the company of a parent/guardian *
I consent to being added to a WhatsApp group. *
I consent that photo's of my child are shared on this group during the camp.
Clear selection
The particulars given above are correct *
My child agrees to abide by the rules and guidelines of the camp and to participate in all aspects of the camp programme. *
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