Stained Fingers Dye Camp 2015 Application
This is a simple application for the Stained Fingers Dye Camp. Tell us a bit about you and what you're interested in learning at Dye Camp. This helps us put you in the class that's best for you!

Once applications are received and processed, we will send out acceptance emails and invoice you according to the payment plan you choose.

Please note that filling out this application implies that we have your permission to share you email address with other Dye Camp students on group emails regarding accommodation and course information.

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(choose all that apply) "Open Studio" days allow you an extra day in the studio to continue experimenting.
What do you like best about working with hand dyed yarns and/or fabrics?
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Would you be interested in sharing accommodation with other students?
If you answer yes to this question, we will include you on a group email. Shared accommodation is to be arranged amongst students.
Would you be interested in sharing transportation with other students?
If so, let us know where you'll be travelling from, so we can match you with students coming from your region.
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