The Pre -TED Summit Social Gathering
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There are 27 people coming as of 15th May.
update 13th June there are 35 registered)

Planning calls took place on 18:00 CET on Tuesday 12th March
and 9th April. May 9th, 4th June at 17:00 CET. Let Richard know if you want to join, get the agenda.

Index to Documentation, links and call summaries are here

In January 2019 I approached TED about the idea of organising a pre-event in Edinburgh before the TED Summit. TED agreed - asking that it should be called a "social gathering" so as to be distinctive from their Pre-Event Workshops for TEDx-ers on 20-21st July.

If you are new to the idea of pre-events, read background info in the Google Doc above and Aaron Sylvan's blog post about the Pre TED Fest NYC 2018 event here . Using "the time before things start" better is "an idea worth spreading"

If you are interested in helping make this happen, please fill in the form,. get in touch and aim to arrive in Edinburgh so as to be "ready to go 09:00 19th July. There are no "I'll swing by to see what this is like" places - It's co created.

If you are arriving late due to flights etc that's fine, just let us know.

We can all contribute: , making sandwiches, running a activity, doing registration, clearing up, smiling,
pumping balloons, doing a Pecha Kucha, badging, sharing an idea worth spreading from your TEDx, making a donation above your fair share towards the costs.... etc etc etc. talking of costs we aim to make it low/no cost,. We will make a picnic but it shouldn't be expensive.

We have a free venue (thanks to Virgin Money).

all the best

Richard Lucas

Questions write to

Why Pre events ?
Because there just isn't enough time to meet all the other wonderful participants during TED and TEDx events . A lot of the time is taken up with the great talks, and organised activities - and the big networking parties are both intense and noisy which aren't for everyone, and there is always a bit of reality OMO on conversations with wonderful TEDx-ers and others.

I've done several pre- and one post TED and TEDx events.

before TEDxCapeTown in November 2018
before the TED Fest in New York in April 2018
before TEDxWarsaw several times
before the TEDSummit with TEDxCalgary in 2016
before our own TEDxKazimierz in co-operation with TEDxKrakow once
​I also did a workshop on community building at the TEDSummit ​in Banff.
​always in co-operation with the hosts of the main event, both out of courtesy -
and because they have a key role in getting the word out to participants in pre-event communications.

The event will be free/non-profit if we can get a free venue, with cost recovery for food, drink, equipment used. If you want to, feel free to offer additional financial support.

The goal of such events has always been to build more community among participants. When you are from out of town -its always great to have a place where you can hang out before things get under way.

The TEDxKazimierz Code of Conduct applies to the Social Gathering

GDPR notice;. The data you share will only be used for the purposes of organising the Social Gathering and measuring its impact. It will be shared only with those who have filled in the form subject to them not sharing it further.
You can ask me to view the data you have given me, and for me to delete it at any time.

no bad questions - write to if you have any.

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