Bicycle Architecture Biennale 2019 Application
Fill in this form to apply for the Bicycle Architecture Biennale 2019. Important: By filling in this form you automatically comply to the rues of participation that can be found over here:
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• Please provide a minimum of 2 and maximum of 7 high resolution images. We recommend landscape orientation.
The maximum image file size is 10 MB.
• Captions to describe each individual image are required. Please include photo credits if applicable.
• Please note that the images have to be copyrights free to be used for events and presentation related to BAB.
• Video link (optional). You may include a Vimeo or YouTube link to showcase your project. Please ensure that the video
is not ‘private’ and does not require a password to view.
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Provide a Link to a file sharing platform like WeTransfer/Dropbox/Google Drive where all the image material can be downloaded.
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