FCC Building Entry Request
Thank you for requesting entry to First Christian Church

During this long COVID-19 Pandemic, ALL entry into FCC must be formally approved by the FCC Covid-19 Rapid Response Team (CRRT) in advance.

All activities must meet the criteria for essential services and ensure proper health and safety measures.
You can read about this criteria at: https://tinyurl.com/uusob9q

All persons who gain access to the building are expected to wear PPE at all times, maintain 6' social distancing, wash hands frequently, and communicate with church employees if any changes are needed to this form or your approved request.

Please submit a response to each question below.

Your response will be received and be on the next CRRT agenda.
The CRRT meets every other week to review essential building requests.
Your planning in advance is essential to meeting the necessary safety precautions in this time. Your request may be sent back to you with additional guidelines or questions. We appreciate your flexibility.

First Christian Church cares deeply about the programs and businesses that are housed in our building and all the people who work for them and with them. It is our goal to keep all guests of our building safe. We are grateful for every effort you are making to take care of your essential ministry programs outside of the building during this time.

Thank you for your patience as FCC develops its ability to maximize essential services while minimizing exposure to our employees, guests, and neighbors.
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