Env 617 Student Application
Thank you so much for signing up for ENV 617! We are excited that demand is so high for the class; we know this will be a very useful class. Because demand is higher than we can accommodate at this time, we are asking interested students to submit a short application for the class in the form below. We apologize for any inconvenience. This is the first time the course is being offered, and we are doing our best to accommodate as many students as possible.
Degree program, specialization (if applicable), and expected graduation date
Email address
What motivates you to take this course and to study the environment? (5 sentences max)
Describe any previous quantitative or analytical experience, either in coursework or professional work (eg. experience with Excel, Python, R, SQL, or other statistical tools or programming languages). This is an introductory course so there is no need for prior expertise. (Bullet points preferred)
Today’s data science tools are quickly evolving. Our goal in this class is to give you opportunities to continue teaching yourself. Curiosity and openness to self-teaching are key. Please briefly describe what this means to you.
What kind(s) of datasets/analysis are you most interested in exploring?
What perspective will you bring to this work? (5 sentences max)
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