MCSurvival Trial Moderator Application: Cycle #1
Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a staff member on MCSurvival. We are actively looking for motivated and capable individuals to join our team, and we are excited that you are interested in joining! Please take some time to read and respond to the following questions carefully. This application has many three sections, and many of the questions (especially in the second section) do not have a right or wrong answer, we just want to learn more about who you are; be yourself and be unique! :)

Being a staff member on MCSurvival is a BIG responsibility which requires individuals to have excellent written and spoken communication skills, extremely friendly interactions with all players, and high professionalism. Here's what we look for in a potential staff member:

* Active on our platforms (in-game, Discord, and the forum).
* Being a model player, displaying initiative, maturity, and a helpful “go-getter” attitude.
* Involved in chat and makes an effort to interact with others in the community.
* Interacts with and has fun with members of the community.
* Proposes dynamic ideas to improve the quality of the server.
* Makes new players feel welcomed as soon as they join, offering assistance when needed and being a friend to them.

This position does have a few requirements. These requirements are non-negotiable, so please do not ask us if you can apply because you are 1 month away from being 15. The answer will be no, you are 14 years old -- reapply in a month! :) Requirements to be a Trial Moderator:

* Being at least 15 years of age
* Being within +/- 3 hours of the EST timezone
* Playing MCSurvival for at least 3 months; having proof of substantial previous staff experience; OR receiving a written invitation from Gruss to apply
* Ability to communicate via voice for monthly staff meetings

You will receive a response to your application via Discord within 2-4 weeks of your application submission. Asking a staff member to review your application will result in an immediate denial; however, if it has been longer than 4 weeks and you have not received a response, please contact Gruss directly on Discord. Following an accepted application, you will be required to undergo 1-2 voice call interviews on Discord to ensure that you are the right fit for our team! If you have any questions about this application, please reach out to the Staff Manager/Owner, Gruss directly.
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Are you able to complete a 1-2 voice call interview(s) for this position? *
If you have ever been staff on another Minecraft server, please state its name, the highest player count and what your position was, and how long you were there. If you have not been a staff member before, write N/A for this question (we do not require experience to become a Trial Moderator, but it helps!). *
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