HSE Program Waiting List
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extremely high level of demand for classes and limited availability, please be aware that you may not be invited to apply until 2022, and adding your name to the waiting list does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

BMCC offers High School Equivalency preparation classes (formerly GED) and ESOL classes.

The BMCC HSE College Prep Program is designed to build your academic skills for success in college while you prepare for the TASC© (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) Exam. These classes help students gain proficiency in the subjects needed to pass the TASC©, as well as prepare students for college.

The BMCC ESOL program helps non-native English speakers improve their reading, writing and communication skills in order to succeed in college or the workplace. Classes are interactive and give students the opportunity to improve their English in a supportive environment.

Classes are currently ONLINE-ONLY, and students must have a computer or tablet with internet connectivity in order to participate. To be eligible for classes, students must be at least 19 years old and have a valid New York address.

Due to the high volume of applicants, space is limited and placement is not guaranteed. If you are interested in joining this program, please add your information to this waiting list and you will be contacted when space is available. This may take up to six months. If you need something more immediate, contact 311 or your local library.

Please note: adding your name to this waiting list does not guarantee placement in a class. When space becomes available, you will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment for the intake and assessment process.
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